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Winery Profile: Clos de Chacras

Clos de Chacras Mendoza Winery

Clos de Chacras, one of Mendoza’s most historic wineries, is located in Chacras de Coria, an affluent suburb of Mendoza City located just 15 minutes from the downtown area.

The winery was constructed in 1921 and has been restored over the years to accommodate modern winemaking equipment and needs.  Even in the wake of the renovations, the winery has maintained its historic charm and weaves a little bit of winery lore into the tour as well.


For example, the underground cement pools with tiny hatch doors posed a challenge for winery workers who had to clean them. Not to mention that any lingering carbon dioxide gas could make the fermenting tanks dangerous areas.  Therefore, before allowing any workers into the tanks, a small bird or a candle would be placed inside to detect if the CO2 was present in unsafe levels.  If the candle flickered or the bird behaved out of character, the tank was left alone until the gas dispersed.

Today the winery is dedicated to premium wine production, most of which is sold in international markets.  While production levels are small enough to classify Clos de Chacras as a boutique winery, the team never ceases to strive for the highest quality standards possible. Grapes are harvested manually, hand sorted, and meticulously cared for throughout the production process.


Clos de Chacras wines are made from grapes grown throughout the Mendoza region, including Maipú, La Consulta, La Carrodilla and Tupungato.  Wines are classified into three distinct labels, though each offers wine lovers and excellent value.

Apart from the winery itself, Clos de Chacras also hosts a wonderful restaurant with a menu accompanied by house wines and friendly service. Guests are welcome to enjoy their meal inside the warmly lit restaurant or outside on the patio, which abuts against a small pond.

Clos de Chacras Mendoza WineryClos de Chacras Mendoza Winery

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Chacras de Coria, this boutique winery offers a retreat from the city streets – without the long journey required to reach the outlying wine regions.

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