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Meet the Team


Amanda (1)Carolyn Gallagher

It´s approximately 5500 from California to Mendoza, but every year Carolyn makes the trip, keeping her west-coast roots alive while she lives, works and plays in Argentina.  After graduating from the University of California Santa Barbara, Carolyn set her sites on the southern hemisphere.  And fourteen years later she has found a new place to call home.

As CEO and founder of Uncorking Argentina, part-time tango dancer, foodie, adventurer and full-time mother to two young girls, Carolyn stays busy.   Yet she finds time to make sure that all the details of every trip she plans come together in perfect alignment.

Ever on the hunt for new gems to offer her clients, Carolyn keeps an eye out for outstanding restaurants, luxurious spas and hot springs, stunning art galleries and phenomenal wines.

Amanda (3)

Lujan Castiglione

A Mendoza native, Lujan fell in love with the region from a very young age.  Having studied English all her life, she became an English teacher.  She then found herself in touch with Mendoza’s ample population of foreigners and after only a short stint working in the tourism industry,  she decided to change paths and dedicate herself to sharing Mendoza’s gifts with any traveler interested in making the trip.

Today Lujan is the manager of hospitality and logistics at Uncorking Argentina and tirelessly pieces together the details that will eventually become someone’s dream getaway.  Mother to two young children, Julieta and Matias, Lujan is a young spirit – full of joy and full of light.

Favorite Mendoza attraction:  Harvest time in Mendoza, known as the Vendimia Festival

Something quirky about Lujan: serves the best Maté in town


Daniel Diaz Opazo

Daniel is a student studying Business Administration at a local university.  He loves traveling, but knows that no other place in the world could pull him away from Mendoza for long.  Having grown up on a farm in the Mendoza sub-region of Guaymallen, near Navarro Correas winery, Mendoza and the wine industry has long been in his heart.

Coming from a family with 8 children, Daniel is used to having a lot on his plate, which serves him well in his plethora of jobs with Uncorking.  Originally Daniel was hired to be Uncorking’s accountant, but his role quickly expanded to include graphic designer, IT Manager and overall office support.

Daniel loves to cook, study, go to the movies and spend time with families and friends.

Something quirky about Daniel:  He can do everything.


Amanda (5)Eric Stangroom

Eric is a recent graduate from Dickinson College, only a few hours from his native Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He, like many of our other American team members came to Mendoza for study abroad and an opportunity to travel. Inevitable he fell in love with Mendoza and everything it has to offer. Eric has been living permanently in Mendoza since May of 2014 and currently heads Marketing, Social Media and Sales, guaranteeing an amazing experience for every client and providing thorough and impeccable service. She´s always available to answer any and all questions.

Favorite Mendoza Attraction: Spending cool summer nights by the lake in San Martín Park with a group of friends.

Quirky Fact: His 21st birthday fell on Easter while celebrating on the Chilean coast during his study abroad time in Argentina.