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Philosopher Martin Burber once said: “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Though the words and stories we tell, we invite you to venture with us to the heart of Argentina.  Walk with us through the family wineries where third and fourth generation hands pluck grapes from the vines.  Talk with the gaucho whose cheeks are weathered by mountain wind, as his practiced hands prepare a mate for you to taste.  Learn from the chef who married argentine cuisine with the flavors of a distant world.  Sense the aromas as you swirl your glass, smell the smoke in the air from the coals of an asado, and feel the warmth of a culture that reminds you that there is much in life to celebrate.

These are the secret destinations of Argentina, the secret moments that make you savor the world that is theirs, and yours, and ours together.

So, if you are looking for a journey.  A foray into the unfamiliar, into the wonderful, into the deliciously new – let us tempt you with our stories.  Let us whet your appetite with our pictures, our recipes, our people.  And when you´re ready to travel Mendoza, we will be here, wine tours, mountain adventures, culinary wonders, secret destinations and all.


Madeline & The Uncorking Argentina Team