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Why visit Mendoza? 

Everybody´s answer to that question is different.

As a wine region, Mendoza offers the distinctly unique opportunity to sip alongside winemakers, winery owners, and industry insiders whose passion for what they do is as intoxicating as the wine they make.  Because Mendoza is a relatively young wine region, the industry is still firmly rooted in family and cultural traditions.  Unlike more commercial wine regions, where it´s on/off the bus, in & out of the winery, here things move a little more slowly.  Lingering, savoring, chatting for hours over bottles of wine – it´s the rule, not the exception.

But it´s not only wine that puts Mendoza on the map.  It´s also the Andes Mountains just beyond the city limits, the European-style city with tree-lined streets lined with shops.  It´s the ever-present waft of smoke through the air, tempting you to enjoy yet another Argentine asado.  It´s the importance put on family, the South American siesta, the tradition of sharing a maté in the park.  It´s a little bit of everything.

How do I plan my trip to Mendoza? 

Some travelers decide to navigate the region themselves, while others prefer to enlist the help of some experts on the ground.  What option you choose depends on your preferred travel style.

Travel is a team sport.  Exploring a foreign place becomes richer when you draw on the experiences of those who have come before you.  It becomes more enjoyable when you benefit from the recommendations (& warnings) of local experts.

So whether you´re interested in booking a tour – or simply booking a flight and seeing where the chips fall – read on.  Allow yourself to fall a little bit in love with all that Mendoza has to offer.  Then, once your wanderlust has fully taken hold, make some plans.

And if you´d like a hand, if you´re ready to build your Argentine adventure, let us help.

We await you in Mendoza, a glass of wine in hand.


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