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Studies are published on a regular basis making claims that a person´s wine preference says something about their character and personality (their wine personality). This concept is not new, many organizations and parody websites have been capitalizing on this idea for years, however, they have been focusing on liquors and spirits. Recently those same sites have taken to the blogosphere to categorize us wine-drinkers as well. Some parody websites will compare someone´s preference of a Cabernet Sauvignon to their social life and call them the “classy person at the party” or say Chardonnay drinkers are “over worked moms”. Another website went on to assume that a Malbec drinker was someone who had studied abroad in Argentina during college. Clearly these assumptions are wide-sweeping and inaccurate in many cases, but it is interesting to think that our wine choice may in fact have something to say about us as people.
In 2012 a more comprehensive and less satirical study was done by French Wines with Style, a campaign to promote French wines throughout Europe and the Americas. They interviewed over 2,000 people and found some interesting trends and tendencies. The article kept things simple by only dividing wine by color (red, rosé, white). They found that red wine drinkers are generally more relaxed, are more likely to be married with kids, and even have a higher average income! Rosé drinkers are described as those looking for change and described themselves as warm people. Lastly, the white wine drinkers were most content with their current job even though they came in at the bottom of the list for average income

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Sure, all of these are interesting tid-bits of information and may in fact be true in some cases, but the truth remains that your wine choice only says one thing about you. It says that you enjoy the fruits of the labor over months and years of dedicated winemakers around the world. Your favorite types of wine isn´t what defines your wine-drinking-experience. It´s the quality of wine and the quality of the people you choose to share it with. Here in Mendoza you´ll find that both of those things (quality wine and people) are plentiful. Uncorking Argentina is committed to connecting travelers with locals and providing an unforgettable oenological experience. With all that said, maybe you don´t even have a favorite wine or aren´t sure which wine supposedly fits your personality. No worries, we have the perfect solution for you here.

Take this quiz on our Facebook page to find out which wine best fits your personality and come join us in Mendoza to let that personality flourish like the top-notch red and white wines of the region!


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