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Verallia, Glass Bottle producers that sparkle with pride


Supplying the growing wine and olive oil industry with glass bottles is a daily challenge met by Verallia, the largest wine bottle manufacturer located in Mendoza. Eric Stangroom and I visited the enormous plant where Alejandra Merin welcomed us with a kind smile and a handful of safety equipment. We were intrigued with the whole process but more importantly, we applauded Verallias consistent communication encouraging us to recycle wine glass bottles.

On the tour we witnessed how raw materials and recycled glass containers were actively collected and fed into large ovens. It was quickly understood that making glass bottles was no small task. Two ovens melting glass at extreme temperatures (crazy hot temperatures like 2700F) and a team of engineers monitoring ovens, production efficiency and perfection,

Collecting glass to recycle goes beyond reducing waste and reducing need for more raw material. Verallia is committed to educating locals that 100% of the glass can be reused in a matter of miliseconds if it is recycled, however if left at the dump, it would take 4000 years to degrade. Verallia has been collecting used bottles since 2012 and today has over 30 large glass recycle containers found throughout greater Mendoza. Many local companies have organized their personal glass collection and deliver directly to Verallia.


We applaude all efforts made by Verallia to promote the art of recycling wine glass bottles, but even more rewarding is their solidarity towards the local children’s hospital. Veralia matches the equivilant monetary value of glass collected as donation funds to give to Hospital Notti, located in Mendoza. In 2016 and 2017 combined, Verallia donated U$10,000 to Hospital Notti and anticipates growth for 2018.

Their campaign is called “Vidrio, una acción transparente”, translated into English would be something like “Glass, a transparent movement” and has won them the recognition as the Winner of Sustainable Practices in Wine Tourism in 2017.

We’re happy to include this unique stop on any tour itinerary for a “the behind the scenes” experience and new perspective into the dynamic wine industry. Eric carefully removes his googles and laughs, “If you don’t have a bottle, what can you uncork?”.

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We look forward to your visit with us!

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