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UA Launches Family Trips in Wine Country


Does planning a vacation the whole family will enjoy seem overwhelming?  Be it a cruise,  a camping trip or some wild rides at an amusement park, the underlying motivations parents share as they begin to research vacation destinations is often based on enrichment and entertainment.    Despite the challenge of aligning everyone’s availability, the benefits of travel as a family make it worth all the effort.  Taking a look at the world in an expanded way, inviting transformation through new awareness and having fun being together as a family.

In the case of multi-generational travel, the priorities can shift,  placing more importance on who you travel with and not what you do.

Getting away for a family vacation to a destination known for its wine and food, could be a bonus, not a limitation.  Children and non-wine consuming guests experience the local lifestyle, nature, heritage and wineries, which become centers of interpretation offering  local innovation.  Our team at Uncorking Argentina has developed family-focus travel in Mendoza, weaving in stand-still moments to absorb the natural beauty, history and culture, whilst celebrating the food and local lifestyle with enough mountain recreation to feel youthful and alive.   We believe Mendoza is an incredible kid-friendly destination loaded with opportunities to engage in food,  language, agriculture and mountain recreation, all from the perspective of play.


Last month we received a trip request from returning clients, Robert and Joanne Kramer, a vibrant couple with private vineyards in the Vines of Mendoza.   We welcomed the Kramers in 2009 and again 2012, building them itineraries that provided a sampling of what Mendoza had to offer and business meetings for wine production.   But the trip request we received in 2017 was different.  They wanted an action-packed holiday full of child-centric activities and a nanny during the business portion of the trip.

“We have been on trips where kids are included, but often they would  get bored and fall asleep,” said Robert.  “We were looking for an experience that would engage the kids, where their participation was an integral part of the trip, where they didn’t feel like a tag-a-long.” he added.

When the Kramers approached us with their special request we tapped into our resources to pull together the right team.   Not only was Uncorking Argentina going to meet the ‘new additions to the family’,  we were going to craft a plan that would have these kids fall in love with Mendoza, just as their parents did.  Designing a family itinerary to fit with their personal and business goals was extremely rewarding and the trip was a blast.

Success was felt by both parties when their six year old Cooper, climbing into the car at the end of the first day, exclaimed “That was the best time ever!” 

Experience Mendoza (19)

Success was felt by both parties when their six year old son, Cooper, exclaimed “That was the best time ever!”

Uncorking Argentina believes that travel is an essential part of every child´s education.    We dug deep to design a few 7-day journeys for the whole family through the lens of curiosity,  making them memorable and active for multi-generational groups.

The Mendoza Family Culture Travel gets behind the scenes with small and large agricultural producers, integrates the impact of historical leader San Martin and his journey over the Andes, explores incredible winery design and architecture and celebrates creative food and beverage opportunities.

The Mendoza Family Adventure Travel inspires the whole team to get outdoors to experience the Andes Mountains, rafting, zip-lining and horseback riding, while learning about the geology and geography, exploring the southern sky with telescopes, and savoring a the wealth of delicious food and beverages crafted by local talent.


Choose from our sample itineraries, or ask us to create an entirely new journey to your exact specifications. Whether you crave the outdoors and a chance to be in nature or insider´s knowledge on all the new tasting menus in the bustling winery restaurants, we can show you Mendoza the way only Uncorking Argentina can.

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