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It Takes Two

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Some activities certainly give way for solitary participation, but we know without a doubt (thanks to the century-old saying) that it takes two to tango. The tango is a type of dance that came to be in the late 1800´s in the working-class neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The exact origin of the music and rhythm is widely disputed, but many sources credit African influences for giving tango its distinctive sound. Though the dance originated as a dance for men only, today the tango is a sensually charged and passionate expression of love for music and rhythm open to any two people willing to explore the depths of their emotions and bring them to the forefront through dance.

Tango has grown in popularity since the 19th century when it was nothing more than a basement-bar dance for the working class. Today tango is danced by people all over the world and ranks with the most traditional and highly regarded dances. The difficulty of tango is world-renowned, but the entertainment factor and sheer amazement of its capability to provoke emotion is something internal that needs to be experienced first-hand.

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My first experience with tango was not the smoothest of all experiences and I´d be the first to admit that I certainly do not do the dance justice, but watching my instructors made me want to learn. Their ability to tell a story without saying a word or making a sound was astounding and it left me wanting to understand it more. Though, in the end, I was never able to master the art, I continue to catch tango shows as often as I can because they serve as a cathartic experience for me in a way. They clear my mind of the verbal and allow me to focus on the most rudimentary capability of the human body: movement.

Now that tango is popular throughout the entire world it´s easy to find classes at a local salon and learn the basics, but why not learn tango in its birthplace? Learn from people who feel the music and movement in their heritage and watch a story come to life. Here in Mendoza the tradition of tango is well represented and Uncorking Argentina can bring you the learning experience of alifetime. Imagine a private tango lesson from a pair of professionals in one of the city´s most beautiful plazas at sunset. Allow your environment to inspire and carry you just as much as your class and we promise an unforgettable experience.

If you are interested in adding tango to your custom-built experience with us, contact Molly at and for more information check out the link below to our brochure!

Tango in the City

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