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San Martin

The Andes Pass, oil on canvas by Augusto Ballerini, 1890; in the National History Museum of the Town Hall and the 1810 May Revolution, Buenos Aires

Each August 17, Argentina commemorates the anniversary of Jose de San Martin´s passing.  He was one of the principal liberators of South America. The boldness of his plan to attack the viceroyalty of Lima by crossing the Andes to Chile and going on by sea, as well as the patience and determination with which he executed it, was undoubtedly the decisive factor in the defeat of Spanish power in southern South America.  San Martin prepared the new Army of the Andes in Mendoza.  At the end of 1816, he had recruited and trained 5,000 men, 10,000 mules and 1,500 horses.

Cruce 6 columnasBetween January 18 and February 8, 1817 San Martin had to fight his way westward across the formidable barrier of the Andes to meet the royalists. Instead of leading his troops across two common trade routes, he planned to enter into Chile through 6 different routes.  This strategy with northern and southern entry points enabled the troops to surround the Spanish commander and royal troops. His skill in leading his men through the defiles, chasms, and passes—often 10,000 to 12,000 feet (3,000 to 4,000 metres) above sea level—of the Andean mountain range has caused him to be ranked with Hannibal and Napoleon.

Strategy, a long-range plan for achieving something or reaching a goal, was what made San Martin successful in his endeavors to change the colonial Americas.  At Uncorking Argentina, we also apply the same precision and strategy with each of our unique itineraries, designed to meet your needs.  From relaxing scenic getaways into the Andes, to hands-on active cooking classes and wine tastings, to thrilling mountain adventure, each itinerary has a focus and a plan to perfectly execute your travel vision. Give our team a call or fill out our online travel questionnaire. 

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