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Re-discovering Benegas Winery


History, architecture, grandeur, and fine wines are all things one can find at Benegas winery. The arrival is off-putting as the entire facility is hidden behind a large cement wall. From the street one could pass by and never know what they are missing. From one of the oldest producing wine families in Argentina, Benegas winery is certainly a Mendoza must-see.


The Andes Moutnains serve as a beautiful back drop for this hidden gem.

After the deceiving entrance, the large doors open to a spacious courtyard with a mini vineyard situated in the middle. Take in the refreshingly green sight as you pass under a vine-covered trellis that leads you to the facility. The reception area of the winery is grand in that it maintains all of its old world charm and openness, but also feels warm and inviting. With three story ceilings, wall lighting, and exposed brick, the result is impressive and leaves the eyes begging for more.


Reception area filled with pieces of history.

After passing through the long hall dedicated to the history of the esteemed Benegas family, you enter into the production facility. The design of the original 1901 building was completely maintained, including the ventilation system. I was lucky enough to visit during the harvest and watch the production first-hand (an incredible experience I highly recommend).

The best part of the tour.

The best part of the tour.

Lastly, we descended into the basement of the winery. The basement shows the true age of the building as the entire structure is stone and characterized by large, rough archways. The lighting is ominous, the smell is rich, and the feeling is brisk and chic. Passing by one large tasting room we arrived to a second one with a large wooden table perfectly set up for a multiple-line wine tasting. The wines are excellently crafted and pair perfectly with chocolates. I highly recommend the Cabernet Franc for its rich aroma and fresh after taste. Benegas winery impressed me around every stone-edged corner. When you come to Mendoza let us show you the magic this founding family has created.

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