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Ocho Cepas Mendoza Restaurant

Ocho Cepas Mendoza Restaurant Uncorking Argentina

Looking in through the windows of this white house on the corner, you’d probably think you had stumbled upon an elegant dinner party. Just on the other side of the stained glass window, wine glasses are clinging and gorgeous entrees are being swept out of the kitchen and onto dinner tables. A prominent Mendoza restaurant, Ocho Cepas feels like a luxurious evening spent in a chef’s living room, where guests are treated to some of the finest flavors in town.

Ocho Cepas Mendoza Restaurant Uncorking Argentina

Ocho Cepas opened its doors in 2008 and in the early days the kitchen was under the command of Max Casa, a Buenos Aires Chef and superstar who is credited with charting the culinary course that Ocho Cepas still follows to this day. Though Max has since moved on to other projects, his protégé Margarita Rosas has stepped in to fill his shoes.

Six years later the project is alive and well, located in the restored mansion-style home of one of Mendoza’s most influential architects: Daniel Ramos Correas. Correas created the blueprints for some of the city’s most beloved landmarks, including the Frank Romero Day Amphitheatre and San Martin Park. This white colonial-style building dates back to 1924 and is now an official historical landmark, perfumed with the sweet smells that waft out from the first floor kitchen.

Ocho Cepas Mendoza Restaurant Uncorking Argentina

Ocho Cepas Restaurant Menu

A small kitchen staff, led by Margarita, runs a tight ship and exhibits some of the finer flavors of Argentine cuisine. Locally grown produce, handmade bread and pasta, artisan ice cream and warm service are just a few of the restaurant’s highlights. Though the menu certainly celebrates Argentina´s supreme beef, it also options a variety of alternatives, including grilled salmon, trout, and raviolis, among others.

Ocho Cepas Mendoza Restaurant Uncorking Argentina

Generous portions are impeccably presented, and can be paired with any wine selected off the ample wine menu. Clients are welcome to wander into the wine center and pull something off the shelves, though a sommelier is always on hand to help find the perfect pairing.

The dining room is frequented by wine industry professionals, tourists, and locals in search of a succulent iteration of steak and potatoes. Indoor dining is warm and romantic, and a few outdoor tables offer dinner and a show, as local traffic meanders down the city streets.

Traditional Argentine families enjoy remarkably late dinners, generally sitting down to eat at 10 PM or later. However, this time table can be taxing for travelers, whose stomachs start to grumble as soon as the clock strikes 7. For that reason, Ocho Cepas is open Monday-Sunday for dinner service beginning at 6:30 PM.


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