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Mendoza’s Sparkling Wine Route

Sparkling Wine Route Mendoza Argentina

Over the past decade, Mendoza has become a Mecca for wine travelers seeking out fruit-forward New World flavors and old school elegance, but when Mendoza sparkling wine is mentioned, few know where to find it in the folds of this Andean region. That’s why three Mendoza wineries have joined together to offer the first ever Mendoza Sparkling Wine Trail, a journey of tiny bubbles that teaches travelers everything there is to know about one of the world’s favorite elixirs.

Dante Robino, Luigi Bosca, and Bodega Cruzat have joined forces to carve out a piece of the limelight for Mendoza’s lesser-known sparkling wines. The Mendoza Sparkling Wine Route, was created in an effort to add another level of complexity to the Mendoza wine experience, and to welcome sparklers into the conversation.

Wine travelers begin the sparkling wine route in Pedriel, Luján de Cuyo at the doorstep of Bodega Cruzat, the workplace of Mendoza’s biggest name when it comes to sparkling wines: Pedro Rosell. In an effort to avoid repetitiveness during the winery tours and to provide a true sparkling wine education, each of the three wineries tackles a unique theme related to sparkling wine production. Here, in the hands of a Cruzat Winery guide, tourists will learn the two primary methods of creating sparkling wine, with particular focus on the Champenoirse (or artisanal) method – a Cruzat specialty.

Sparkling wine Route production in Bodega Cruzat

From there, they will continue onto Dante Robino, where the topic of conversation will focus on the Charmat (or industrial) production method. Here, travelers will taste base wines and learn the ins and outs of a larger scale bubble factory.

The final stop of the tour – just before wine drinkers are carried off by tiny bubbles – is Luigi Bosca Winery. Here they will tour the winery’s historic facilities, sample from a remarkable wine flight, and enjoy a picnic of deli cuts and gourmet cheeses.

By the end of the day, wine lovers will have learned the ins and outs of sparkling wine production, how to appreciate the unique aromas and textures present, how to distinguish between sweetness levels, and why wine-snobs know never (ever) to call all sparkling wine champagne.

Sparkling Wine Route Mendoza ArgentinaSparkling Wine Route Mendoza ArgentinaSparkling Wine Route Mendoza Argentina
Sparkling Wine Route Mendoza ArgentinaSparkling Wine Route Mendoza ArgentinaSparkling Wine Route Mendoza Argentina

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