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Mendoza’s Renovated Airport, a 5-Star Gateway to the Wine Country



We are so glad to have the renovations of El Plumerillo (MDZ), Mendoza’s International Airport, behind us! For three months, we creatively used alternative means to provide you with a swift arrival.  We are relieved to have the logistical headache behind us and look forward to welcoming more travellers in the near future.   The new airport is so invitingly modern, with rows of grapevines, you could mistake it for a winery!

I’ll quickly list some of the new airport amenities in 2017.   The landing strip has been widened and repaved for more planes to arrive safely.  In anticipation of more nocturnal flights, landing lights were installed and the immigration and customs offices will be open 24 hours.  The new commercial ramps and expanded baggage area make entry and exit a breeze.   Prior to renovation, queuing for immigrations in a stuffy cramped room was unbearable, but now, the new area is spacious, well lit, ventilated and with multiple kiosks for swift passage.   The renovation also included new restaurants, gift shops and seating areas.  We give high-fives for the grassy nooks and resting benches outside of the airport too.  Job well done!

As always, the big hubs continue to arrive to Mendoza: BUE and SCL.  There are 9 other cities within Argentina that also route to Mendoza.  By the end of 2017, Mendoza anticipates more connectivity with direct flights from Sao Pablo, Lima and Panama.  Fly in with one of the following airlines: LATAM, GOL, AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS, SKY, LATIN AMERICAN WINGS or COPA.

If the newly renovated airport is not reason enough to get you packing your bags, maybe this will.   Travelers from the US no longer pay steep reciprocity fees to enter Argentina and all accommodations are TAX-Free for foreign visitors (a 21% savings).

Seeing is believing?  Check out this quick trailer!

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