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Malbec World Day 2015

Malbec World Day-01

Malbec World Day 2015

When you think of malbec wine, what comes to mind? Do adjectives such as robust, flavorful, acidic or dynamic come to mind? Or do foods such as beef, lamb, or rabbit come to mind? Though the responses may differ, it is pretty clear that one wine-producing region definitely comes to mind: Mendoza.  Often times other regions such as Bordeaux, Italy, or Napa are first to be mentioned, but Argentina undoubtedly and proudly wears the crown for being the leading producer of malbec in the world.


This year Malbec World Day will be celebrated on April 17th and the festivities here in Mendoza are expected to be in full swing. A central city street that connects the municipality building and the national university for viticulture will be blocked off and filled with happy malbec vendors and drinkers alike. In true celebratory fashion, the revelers can enjoy multiple live shows featuring singers, dancers, and instrumentalists.


The Malbec World Day will be celebrated in fifty different counties and sixty four cities this year and continues to grow. We havethe luck of celebrating in the heart of the land of malbec. What better way to celebrate something so delicious, than tasting it directly from the masters themselves. Malbec World Day was first launched, and continues to be promoted, by WofA (Wines of Argentina). WofA is an organization that is headquartered here in Mendoza City and is dedicated to the augmentation and fomentation of Argentine wine exports around the world. Each year they guarantee that each Malbec World Day event creates an environment in which someone can completely immerse themselves in Argentine culture and wine for a day. WofA is determined to continue helping the Argentine wine industry to grow and maintain its prestigious position on the world stage.

Don´t miss out  and come to Mendoza for Malbec World Day 2015! If you´re interested in planning a trip to Mendoza click here or contact Eric at

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