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Julieta Cortez Gets Prepared for Vendimia 2018


Julieta Cortez is a 22 year old college student, representing the county of Las Heras in the 2018 Vendimia Festival.  Annually, during the first weekend in March, the Mendoza community gathers for the celebration of the grape harvest with parades, floats, shows and the crowning of the National Wine Queen.   Julieta is one candidate out of 17, aspiring to represent Mendoza as well as Argentina, as an ambassador of wine and culture.


“Your preparation is everything,” says Julieta as she easily changes wardrobes for another photoshoot.  “I participated in the Vendimia of 2015 and learned what it takes to represent our region.”  From public speaking classes to dance rehearsals, the group of young women train, pose, learn to become ambassadors and represent the best of Mendoza.   But her preparations go beyond her abilities to be graceful and focus more on education and work.   Julieta is an avid reader, a full time student of Literature with a part time job.  She values the use of her time as an investment in herself.   If I am elected National Wine Queen, I will be very busy with new events and responsibilities, but my studies come first if I want to graduate as planned. “

As the oldest of five, Julieta receives lots of support from her family and friends in the small community of Panquehua, the district within Las Heras where she lives.  Panquehua is also where the oldest winery in Mendoza, Bodega Gonzalez Videla is located.  The winery, built in 1859, has been maintained as a museum by the Gonzalez family.   Panquehua is also where her father has his wineshop and where Julieta can be found working when she is not studying.


Easygoing, down-to-earth and with a sense of humor, Julieta is more than prepared to represent Mendoza.  She understands the commitment, is intrigued by the opportunity and knows how to enjoy the journey.    “If we were all a bit more humble and simple, without underestimating anyone, achieving what we propose without stepping on anyone, we would find happiness.  And the happiness is what makes the world evolve.”

One of the many photoshoots with Julieta was at Bodega Durigutti.   Co-owner Pablo Durigutti along with his wife and children welcomed her to the winery and obtained a family portrait.  “Carmela, my daughter, loves to see the queens,” says Pablo.   I suppose most girls would love a chance to look up to a  confident, well-educated and friendly young women.

We wish you luck Julieta in the 82nd Vendimia Election held on March 3, 2018! 



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