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Tucked up close to the Andes Mountains there is a place that is a nature lover´s perfect retreat.  Atamisque, a French-owned farm and winery is an incredible place to spend the day or night! The property itself spans over almost 2,000 acres of land and with space like that the possibilities are limitless.

The property boasts a variety of installments for guests to enjoy.  These installments include a functioning and productive trout farm, a state of the art 3 par golf course, horse stables,  luxurious cabins, a fully functioning restaurant, yerts for mountain camping, and of course a fully productive winery.


Blue Trout Lagoon


One can enjoy a beautiful horseback ride from their reception center past blue lagoons that reflect the Andes and through perfectly tree lined paths to an incredible lookout point.  Be sure to take some photos as the views are something you will want to share with everyone. As you move across the property bask in the French style of the interior décor of the cabins and the stoned decadence of the winery designed by the owner himself. Be sure to taste their Viognier as it is less common for wineries in Argentina to produce the French white wine; it is quite a treat to taste such a well-executed product that comes primarily from Europe.


Tree-lined paths leading you to the mountains.


After touring the immense grounds, and if you´re a fish aficionado, you must head on over to their on-site restaurant Rincon Atamisque. Here their world-traveled chef will prepare various plates inspired by the deliciously fresh rainbow trout they breed just a few miles away. Enjoy grilled trout with various sauces and appetizers inspired by the fish as well.


A delicios snack at the cabins before lunch.

Atamisque truly brings together so many elements that the result is extraordinarily unique. French extravagance, Argentine warmth, and the rustic simplicity of the Andes all come together producing a fusion that is best explained by experiencing it. Prepare to turn off your cell phone, tablets, computers etcetera and allow Atamisque to wrap you in its distinctive grandeur.

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