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Carolina Fuller Captures our Heart in Corazon Del Sol


Whenever anyone gets a chance to work with Carolina Fuller, you know you’re in for some fun, witty, captivating moments.   Carolina has been in the Mendoza wine industry for over 20 years, teaching, entertaining and guiding, as she represented different winery projects.  Today we find her as the Director of Sales in Bodega Corazon Del Sol, doing what she loves best, sharing the world of wine.

Her welcoming spirit as she guides visitors into the world of wine is fantastic because she uses all of her ‘elementary school teacher tricks’ to keep the attention of her international visitors.   “The key is getting them to nod, then I know they’re with me, but sometimes my whole purpose of a visit is to get them to smile!” says Carolina.


She artfully takes our clients into the vineyard for viticulture brush-up.   “Explaining the vines, the leaves, the maturation cycle of the grapes brings more value to the tasting experience,” mentions Carolina.   They get to touch, taste, chew, feel the primary material (grapes) and awaken all of their senses.”  The vineyard thrives in the high altitude of 3000 ft. on alluvial soils of the Andes in the Uco Valley and enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year.    Their estate plantings include Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre.

She then walks through the small family-owned winery for a few barrel tastes.  “Experiencing the wine as it develops in the barrel is another level of wine appreciation that client’s love”,  she adds.  In her relaxed demeanor, she invites the brave to extract wine with a thief and fill their own glasses.


After tasting grapes and young wines, she begins to open a few the bottles of rich, concentrated wines and continues providing more about the philosophy of Corazon del Sol winery.

Corazon Del Sol is one of three estate wineries founded by Dr. Madaiah Revana. “I chose Argentina’s Mendoza province as the ideal complement to our family of wineries”, says Dr. Revana.

In 2008, Dr. Madaiah Revana came to Argentina seeking to add to his family of estate wineries which includes Revana Family Vineyard in Napa Valley and Alexana Winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Enthralled by the terroir of the Uco Valley, he was determined to find his next great estate here on the incredible alluvial soils of the Andes Mountains.

The vision of Dr. Madaiah Revana, Revana Family Vineyards is comprised of four remarkable brands: Revana, Alexana, Sitar and Corazon del Sol.  Unique sites enriched by the highest quality vineyard management serve as the backbone for wines of depth and undeniable finesse.  Working with some of the top winemakers in the world, Dr. Revana strives to craft wines of distinction.

On our tour, we happened to stumble into the master blending session carried out by Head Winemaker Cristian Moor.   Cristian brings over 16 years of winemaking experience to the team, working in both large and small establishments while building his own garage winery MOOR BARRIO WINES with his wife.    He and his colleagues were making the final blend for LUMINOSO G.S.M.   Their teeth were purple as they smiled and confessed they had found the perfect balance.    As he took the time to explain the different components to us, we were able to taste the selected winner!   SONY DSC

This winery is currently accepting members for its wine club, called an allocation program.   This exclusive offering is focused on limited-production wines from the Uco Valley Estate’s most prized vineyard parcels.  For more information on the Gold or Platinum levels, visit their website.


Its always fun to see the heart of the winery, and Corazon del Sol offers genuine tours where you enjoy producing the wines, making the blends and tasting the final products with such passionate people.

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