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21 Adventures in Mendoza

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Is adventure what drives you? Is it what motivates you to travel? If so Mendoza, Argentina is soon to become a premiere adventure-packed vacation destination. Mendoza is already well known for its rich mix of travel options whether it be adventure or leisure, but something big is coming and we think our sports and adrenaline junkies are going to love it. At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Tourism announced the collaboration of the entire province to create the ultimate adventure tour.

On horseback or by foot the views are stunning.

On horseback or by foot the views are stunning.

The tour will consist of 21 experiences that allow you to explore and see Mendoza from three different vantage points: ground, air, and water. Land activities will include everything from hiking, biking, spelunking, and fishing. Air activities will span from hot air ballooning, to skydiving and hang gliding. Lastly, one can enjoy rafting and kayaking on one of Mendoza´s many rivers. Granted this is only a short preview list of the 21 activities that will be available, but we are already excited!


The best part of this cooperative effort is that it creates a way for tourists to travel the entire province, from North to South, but in a completely unorthodox way. All of us have been on trips that consist of ten different stops on a four day bus ride and left with hundreds of photos but maybe not the personal experience we were looking for. This new adventure tour will keep travelers physically and mentally in touch with the magic of Mendoza while providing the undoubtedly necessary photo-ops.

Why not enjoy the view from a pool, in a lake, by the vineyard?

Why not enjoy the view from a pool, in a lake, by the vineyard?

And if after all the adventure, exercise, and hype, you need a few days to relax before heading home, Mendoza is the perfect place to rejuvenate as well. With such a rich wine culture it´s easy to lose yourself in the serenity of the vineyards back dropped by the majestic Andes Mountains. That followed by gourmet food and world class accommodations is a recipe for ultra-relaxation and perfection. Whether you´re an adventurer, a wine lover, or both, Mendoza has something to offer you: an unforgettable experience.

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