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Valentine´s Day in Mendoza

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Valentine´s Day is an important day in the United States and is celebrated worldwide. Whether one celebrates it or not, it is undeniably popular and gains more and more momentum every year. The legends behind the day´s celebrationsare numerous and most refer to ancient times that make them impossible to prove. It is said, for example, that Valentine´s Day is celebrated on the day a Roman priest St. Valentine was put to death for violating the emperor’s decree banning marriage. His dedication to love and matrimony is supposedly what makes him the patron saint of humanity´s strongest emotion. The notion is lovely, but the celebration has become increasingly more commercial.


The common term used to refer to Valentine´s Day is a ´Hallmark Holiday,´ meaning it was created to generate sales in the low season. Whether or not its origin is historic or commercial, the way we celebrate it is different than that of Argentina. The commercialism and consumerism has changed the way many people celebrate and understand Valentine´s Day, but Argentina is different. My favorite Valentine´s Day to day was spent here in Mendoza in 2013 because it felt so simple yet so genuine. Couples spent the evening walking the city together, enjoying the views and beautiful plazas, and maybe shared a glass of wine over an appetizer at a small restaurant. Nothing extravagant, but the sentiment was authentic. The air was different that day and the sensation was one of a kind.


Argentine people in general are very loving people and choose to demonstrate it in various ways, but not only one day a year. Cards aren´t exchanged and expensive diamond jewelry isn’t gifted. El Día de los Enamorados (Valentine´s Day) is a day meant to celebrate the union of a couple. It is a day people spend time, not money, together.


Throughout the year they have other holidays that are similar in expression, but focus on other important people in their lives. Día del Amigo (Friend´s Day) is a day honoring your friends by spending the entire day with them over food, drinks, and memories. Another love-driven holiday is La Semana de la Dulzura (Sweets Week) which is 7 days of small gifts of chocolates and candies. Gifting is appropriate between family, friends, colleagues, and the list continues.


Valentine´s Day is a wonderfully intimate day here in Mendoza. It is the perfect escape from the commercialism and societal pushes to overdo and out-gift the neighbors. Imagine an intimate dinner beneath the stars with simple, but delicious, food and an amazing Andean mountain and vineyard backdrop. Can you think of a better way to spend the day of love?

Click the link below to see a list of options of how to spend this Saturday evening. If you need a reservation, contact Molly at

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